Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sky Top Orchard

We went to the orchard Saturday- we left home at 7 and did not get home until after 7.  The orchard was in Flat Rock, NC which is about 3.5 hours away from our house, way into the mountains.  Apparently Flat Rock is a stones throw from Lake Lure, which is where they filmed the movie Dirty Dancing. 
The orchard is at the top of a huge mountain and it was quite the climb up to the top.

We hiked out to pick our own apples- we picked 13 pounds of cameo apples.
Sydney loved looking for the big apples
every time Griffin pulled one of the tree it fell out of his hands on the ground
We had a yummy picnic lunch

played on pumpkins
this is a happy doughnut face
yummy pumpkin doughnut
they had these old fashioned machines that made doughnuts- pumpkin or apple cider- it was fun to watch and they were delicious
we want to keep track of how tall the kids are because we plan to go back and compare each year
we wanted to go to this orchard last year but when Bill's mom died we were unable to make the trip
we went on a tractor ride around the property and the scenery was beautiful

they had animals that we fed corn
they also had a bamboo forest
Griffin got stuck, for just a moment

I had to stop and admire the roots of the bamboo, have you ever noticed bamboo roots?
we had the best time just hanging out together

as a kid we always went to this great orchard- actually two different ones, Spicer's (by our home) and then John's (I think this is what it was called- on the way up north)
since then I have been to several orchards and they never hold a candle to my childhood memory, FINALLY we found an orchard that was so awesome and very worth the drive
We bought a total of 30 lbs of apples, and a dozen doughnuts.  We had hours of fun and created great memories.  Sky Top had varieties of apples I have never heard of plus the usual and they made everything from apples- fritters, pies, cider, cider slushies, chocolate covered apples, carmel apples and more!
We will go back to Sky Top in the future and we may need to make a weekend out of it and check out the surrounding area.

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  1. Great post. I love the pic of Griffin walking in the orchard with his head down. Bamboo is very cool. Neat place to go to, but that's a long drive with little ones.