Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Loose Ends

  • Busy lately- the weekends have been full of time outside playing and yard cleanup, going for walks and bike rides.  Pictures soon.
  • I finished reading Weird: because normal isn't working a few weeks ago and it was eye opening and thought provoking.  I am not going to outline the rest of the chapters although I did take notes and I will probably share a few quotes and verses.  Bill is reading the book now.
  • Griffin had his 2 year check up and with clothes he weighed 26.5 lbs and was 33 inches which puts him at 25th percentile for his height and weight.  He is our little guy! 
  • On Saturday Christopher proposed to Lindsey and she said "yes!" so there will be another wedding in the near future- which means all the big kids will be married.  We think Lindsey is great and we are excited for her to be our daughter in law.  (yes Marcus married a Lindsey) so we will have two daughter in laws with the same name.  We love both Lindsey's and could not be happier for the boys. 
  • Life is busy but with all good stuff and we are enjoying the changing seasons.  More posts soon.
P.S.  All my followers are back-yeah!!!

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