Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Past

My sister inspired me to look back at pictures from previous Christmas'.
Sydney 2006, about 1 month old

we played the Holy Family in our church program and Sydney was baby Jesus

I forgot how chunky Sydney was-look at that chin!

This picture was taken at my Aunt Patty and Uncle Mike's house and you can tell their tree is very tall!
opening presents at my parents
so excited about her doll house and accessories

playing in the snow in my favorite jacket and matching hat, and scarf that Grammie made (she had mittens but kept taking them off to feel the snow)

surrounded by his presents
Sydney digging deep in her stocking

sad to say I cannot find Christmas 2010 pictures but here is the post I blogged last year- I know I took them but we may have lost them when our computer died.
I love seeing how the kids change year to year
I vow to not wear my same red pjs although I am wearing them as I type this post and I also won't take pictures of me with the kids wearing my gray sweater- so funny I migrate to the same outfit

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