Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I saw this beautiful wreath in Woman's Day magazine and since I did not have a Christmas wreath for my front door I decided to make one.
I already had two colors of felt so I went and bought another shade of green.  I made my circle patterns out of cardboard and started tracing felt circles and cutting them out.

the Styrafoam wreath is wrapped in yarn- which I believe makes them glue stick better
Each circle gets cut like a spiral leaving a small circle in the middle that you glue to the bottom of the rosette
the finished product!  It seriously took me 10 hours, maybe more- but it will be reused year after year so it was worth it!
Do you make a wreath for your front door?

1 skein green yarn
12" styrofoam wreath (I bought a 14")
fabric scissors
ballpoint pen
scrap cardboard
3/4 yard each of felt- red, light green, dark green
hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cover wreath with yarn, wrapping around and tying to secure.  Draw and cut 3 circles from scrap cardboard- 3.25" (small), 4.25" (medium), 5.5" (large) in diameter-I used a compass.  Using cardboard circles trace on felt and then cut out.  The directions say 18 small, 16 medium and 5 large of each color- I gave up on counting and just made lots and then had to make more!  To make a rosette cut a spiral into each circle leaving 1'" to 1.5" circle in the center.  Starting from the outside end of the
spiral coil the felt inward until you get to the circle in the center and dab glue on the circle and then press the coiled felt onto it and hold until dry.  Once you have all the rosettes made glue them to the foam wreath alternating colors and sizes!


  1. Love the wreath Meghan! I might just have to attempt this one next year, very cute!