Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Georgia trip

We arrived in Georgia on Friday about 5:30 pm after 11 hours of travel, 6.5 of which were in the state of Georgia.  We were less than 30 minutes from both Florida and Alabama.
The weather was great when we got there, hot actually at 75. 
Sydney loves the moss hanging from the trees

the kids ran around Saturday collecting moss, asking Bill and I to pick them up so they could pull it from the trees and make nests out of it
thankfully it did not have a bunch of bugs in it this time of year

Sydney with little man- my dad's dog- Syd was in Heaven
Sydney with my dad and of course little man riding golf carts
My dad and uncle have a golf cart business where they ship parts all over the world actually and they customize carts
We spent lots of time outside Saturday to try to let the kids run off some energy and we rode golf carts around the area- Griffin kept asking my dad for the keys- so sweet
Syd holding little bit- little man's brother
he was so cute in his sweater
popcorn party
pecan trees
we passed field after field of pecan trees- so pretty
the rows were so straight
cotton filed and bale- Bill picked a plant for each of the kids
sorry blurry- he was so happy to hold his own cotton plant
Syd with her plant- she talked for miles about how they clean the cotton and then turn it into various products
All in all it was a good drive-long but the roads were clear, we only ALMOST ran out of gas once- of course in Georgia.  The gas light was on and kept beeping to remind us, as if we needed a reminder.  I was praying that we would see a station and not have to walk with two small kids.  We finally found a place, just in time and vowed if ever in Georgia again to fill up when the tank got to 1/2 empty because you can drive for miles and miles and all you see if cotton, pecan trees and plantations.

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