Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

The year 2011 was filled with joy, love, a bit of frustration, lots of travel and a little bit of change.  We wanted to reflect on the top 11 of 2011 (in no particular order)

1.  Family time- lots of walks and time hanging out around the house, watching our children grow and develop

2.  Northridge Church- we finely have gotten back in to the routine of going to church and being active in a church.  We are on a journey of faith and being active in a church is helping us grow individually and as a family

3.  Trip to Indiana for the wedding of Bill's oldest son Marcus to Lindsey- so much fun and wonderful time with family

4.  Trip to Indiana for the wedding of Bill's daughter Alexandra to Scott- a quick trip but wonderful and again a blessing to be with loved ones- details here and here

5.  Sky top Orchard- check it out here- a place we will return to in the future

6.  Annual July visit for Grammie la la and Grandpa- thanks for watching the kids and for bringing their cousin Daniela along-my mom captured some great pics posted on her blog here and here

7.  My trip to Florida with my friend Val - taking a refresher course for my boards but lots of fun mixed in with class and study time= I passed with flying colors- thank God another 6 years of practicing medicine-you can see the pics here and here and here

8.  Healthy -no one had surgery this year and overall we have all been in good health-this is priceless

9.  My trip to Maine to visit the Samoluk's and met Henry for the first time- such a sweet trip and again a blessing to see people I love.

10.  Trip to Michigan for my friend Pam and Jason's wedding and a family get together.  Getting to spend time with my sister Audra and meeting Rowyn!  And visiting with my friend Megan and meeting her new little one. 

11.  Financial challenges and reprioritizing, refiguring the budget and feeling very rich with all our nonmaterial blessings!

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