Saturday, January 28, 2012


I know this is rather nerdy but I was reading and drooling (okay not really) over the Burpee catalog for an hour and a half last night. 
I am already planning for our garden and this year I want more specific plants than I can find at my local feed store or Lowe's Hardware.
I am looking at bush cucumbers versus vine varieties and also some tomato plants that can grow in containers on the patio or in our landscaping instead of taking up space in the raised beds. 
I also would love to plant blueberries but I need to figure out a place and talk it over with Bill.
Our yard has a lot of shade and it seems most of my favorite veggies like full sun.
So I have my dream list and now I need to think realistically about how much space I have and then of course I need to consider seeds versus plants.
Decisions decisions.
Are you planning a garden yet?  Where do you buy your plants or seeds?
Also this is the perfect time to reveal my special Christmas present from my husband.  Yes, something I have always (at least the last few years) wanted- a rain barrel.  Truthfully I wanted him to build one but he did not want it to look junkie or whatever and so he bought me one, and boy is it nice.  Once the weather warms we will be rerouting our downspout to collect the rain water.

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  1. Don't you dare buy plants from those magazines or Lowes!!! My husband runs a greenhouse at the school he works out. He sells already started veggies, he has blueberry/raspberry plants, trees, bushes. you name it! And, the veggie plants are .25C a plant and they are BIG! If you want more info message me on fb ;)