Saturday, January 7, 2012


We are the proud owners of 4 new windows! 
The windows in our house have all been painted (by me) white and shut.  The grids are just the wooden snap in grids and some of them are broken, plus we have no screens and I cannot reach the top floor windows to clean them on the outside.
The windows on the chimney side of the house were in desperate need of repair because the wood around the window was rotting.  We would love to be able to replace all the windows at once but we have 20 some windows in our house so we are doing 1 side of the house at a time. 

I love the new windows- the grids are between the glass, we have full screens and I can tilt them in and clean them from the inside!
this is one of the older ones that is actually in okay shape- the wood is intact just peeling- Bill was home when the guys came and he did not take before pictures.  Oh well.

Bill used to sell windows so he knew just what we wanted and he measured them for the guy and we got a great price.  Yeah! 

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