Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enchanted Forest and Oatmeal

Have you ever played Enchanted Forest?  If you have not you are missing out!  We had this game growing up and it was a favorite.  Just having the world ENCHANTED in the name makes it special!  The game is made by Ravensburger and I just love their games and puzzles.  My parents bought this for Syd for Christmas and her and I played on afternoon.
Under each tree is a picture and you have to travel around the board peeking under trees and remember which item is where so that when the card is up in the castle you can travel to the castle and reveal where the item is.  The first person to get 3 item cards wins.

It is great for learning to add- each time Sydney rolled I had her count the dots on the dice and then count her spaces.
It is definitely a challenge to remember what picture is under each tree.

while we played enchanted forest Griffin played oatmeal
and boy did he have fun!

does your family have any favorite games?

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