Monday, January 30, 2012

special day with my kids

The kids both had dentist appts last week so I took the day off (their dentist sees younger kids in the morning).  Sydney went with the hygienist by herself and was the perfect patient and received a wonderful report.  It was Griffin's first visit so he did shed a few tears, mainly over having to be still and he also received a great report.
I was a proud momma!
Since we were already in Greensboro we headed over to Target to look for plain long sleeved shirts for an upcoming Valentine project and also to look for bargains on tights for Syd.  Next we made a stop at Great Harvest Bread and used a coupon to get two loaves for the price of one- what a taste treat.  The kids sampled a brownie.  Next we went to Panera to have lunch, this is a tradition with Sydney and I on dentist day.  This time it was fun to have Griffin along. 

I love their tomato soup and I tried a new Thai chopped chicken salad- yummy, it had edamame and carrots and the most delicious dressing.  I should have taken the picture before I started to eat but I could not wait to dig in.

Then back to town to go the our library and pick up some great books and play around the new fountain.

Isn't it pretty?  A few weeks ago when it was really cold part of it was frozen and it looked cool but I did not have my camera.
The last stop before heading home was to check out our daycare after school program that we will be utilizing in the fall when Syd starts school.  I wanted to meet the lady in charge and also check out the building and let Sydney see it and play for a but when no kids were there.  I did not take any pictures but we will be going back because Bill wants to see it all and meet the ladies in charge and also I want Sydney to see the place when all the kids are there. 
We had a great day and even though it was exhausting and no one took a nap, I felt so blessed to spend the day with my kids.

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