Monday, September 3, 2012

Griffin and golf

While on vacation we bought Griffin his first set of "real" golf clubs". He has a driver, a nine iron and a putter. One afternoon while Sydney and I went to the pool the boys went to the driving range and had a great time. Sydney and I decided to tag along the next day so we could watch.
Griffin carrying his own bag
Looking at these pictures reminds me of the years Bill and I spent watching Christopher play golf.  I never imagined I would enjoy watching golf but it was very exciting and I actually miss those days.  Bill and I would be delighted if Griffin followed in Christopher's steps and became a golfer (we all know he does not have the height factor to follow Marcus and be a star basketball player :))

Sydney may be his personal caddy
 Griffin in action- he is so coordinated (a talent he did not get from momma)
and hits the ball almost every time!
The week Sydney started school Bill was home almost every evening, the first thing Griffin said when we pulled in each night was "can we go hit golf balls dad?"
So they grabbed the clubs and headed out our back gate onto fairway 6 and hit balls!

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