Monday, September 17, 2012

Laundry Room

Our laundry room needed an update. I forgot to take a before picture so I will just have to describe it a bit. Just past the closet on the left there was a bookshelf that held buckets and baskets for craft supplies. Then the freezer on the left, topped with the oatmeal play bin. After the freezer was a large blue recycle bin. On the right side everyone piled up shoes and there is also a large plastic bucket for shoes. Also when the kids get undressed downstairs they would just through their clothes on the floor by the washer. 
We enter our house through the laundry room and so do many of our friends. The only people who use the front door are people making deliveries and occasionally guests who are coming for a party. So when I walk in the laundry room and things are scattered and the shelf is stacked with papers and misc toys it really grates on my nerves. I am a bit OCD about organization.
So we took out the shelf and minimized the craft supplies that are available to the kids.  If you look at the far left corner on top of the cabinets you will see two buckets- these have paint and play dough supplies.  You can also see part of the oatmeal bin.  We moved the freezer down into the left corner which opens the view as you look out into the room.  I replaced the big blue recycle bin with two smaller white bins.  We ordered a red bench from Ikea for the kids to sit on when putting on shoes and the shoes are in separate bins under the bench (Syd blue, Griffin yellow and momma blue).  I bought a collapsible clothes bin.  
Sydney modeling the bench- silly smile
We still have two craft bins on top of the freezer that have crayons, markers and stickers. 
Bill hung the window mirror in front of the fuse box as a decoration and to hide the ugly gray panel door
The room is now more open and organized and less prone to clutter
Have you done any reorganizing or arranging lately?

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