Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Proud Parents

Last week Bill called me on my cell and was very emotional. When he starts a conversation with “everyone is okay” my chest starts to ache. I just start imagining scenarios and what could have happened to make him so upset. He had just taken Sydney to school and as he was walking her into the building and Sydney saw one of her friends from the after school program she attends. Her friends mom had dropped her off and this little girl was crying and upset about being dropped off in the car line. Sydney went right over to her and gave her a hug and said “its okay, I was nervous about school too, my daddy and I will walk to your class.” She took her by the hand and walked her to the door of her classroom. Bill is an emotional guy and he was so proud of our little girl. Sydney was given a little certificate for helping others from her teacher and we both gave her praise. We are so proud of her for loving others. The next day the same girl was upset and Sydney and Bill walked her to class again. The timing was coincidental because I was planning to read this to Sydney. I guess I do not need to because she already knows how to love others.
Sydney is doing great at school. Some days I ask Sydney questions about her day and she gives me short answers or does not want to talk about her day. I like details and knowing how the kids are while they are at school and/or daycare so I emailed her teacher to get an update. This is her response:
She is doing great in class. She has made a lot of friends and is a leader in the classroom. I asked her today if she was enjoying Kindergarten, and she said yes with a great big smile!! I get a lot of participation from her during whole group activities, which is WONDERFUL at this point in the school year! I hope you and your husband are enjoying the changes that you have seen and I look forward to creating wonderful memories with your family as this year continues!
With Kinder Love,
Mrs. Fearnside :)


  1. What a sweetie! It's one of the best things as a parent to see that they have actually learned what you have been trying to teach them. Way to go, Woman! And Bill too. :) Glad she is doing so well at school and loving it!

  2. That is so sweet! You and Bill are doing a wonderful job!