Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Last weekend we decided to go out to eat after church, so we headed to Bravo, one of our favorites in Greensboro.
They always have fresh flowers in the bathroom
the kids get dough to play with while we wait
Bill always orders Spaghetti and meatballs
and I vary but this time I ordered a favorite
Chicken Parmesan
we share with the kids which makes it very affordable
after lunch we went furniture shopping
this chair looks fun but it is not what we were shopping for
we thought this was wild and yet classy but not right for our home and style
we actually ended up ordering two chairs in this style, but a different print
We have two bulky, old (how old I am not sure, Bill had them before we met so at least 12 years plus) recliners that we need to replace.  The seam in the seat has torn and the stuffing is coming out. We have been putting it off and keeping the seats covered with afghans but it is time. We were not shopping for recliners, we wanted more of a sitting chair because the recliners tend to be so bulky. Lazy Boy has these chairs that we did not even realize were recliners but they are! So we are waiting for our new chairs to be delivered and we are so excited.
we have several projects going on at our house, some big and some small
I will share more pictures soon

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