Sunday, June 17, 2012


If you ask Bill about the best days of his life, I know he would say the day his children were born (all of them).                                                       
 Bill and Griffin 

                                                                       Bill and Sydney

Before Bill and I had our children I knew what kind of dad he would be because I saw him with his big kids.  He of course did not disappoint when we had Sydney and Griffin.  If anything as he has aged he has been able to appreciate all the little things even more. 
When I think of Bill as a dad so many things come to mind:
his dedication
playful spirit
cuckaberry stories (cuckaberry is a crazy monkey)
affectionate (says I love you daily and always gives hugs and kisses)
demonstrates exceptional work ethic
makes everyday things fun- he plays chef with the kids when he feeds them breakfast
sings songs
tells stories from his childhood
demonstrates his love for God, makes church priority
allows the kids to help him with tasks
makes our family time a priority
provides for us financially
reads to the kids, a favorite is morning comics
teaches life lessons

We are so thankful to celebrate such an EXCEPTIONAL dad and we know we are blessed to have him!


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