Monday, June 4, 2012

A great weekend

We had a great weekend.  There were so many moments I just wanted to pause and stay in that moment for hours.  I had to work for a few hours Saturday morning so Bill enjoyed some special time with the kids.  Then Bill headed off to work for a few hours and then went to Raleigh to follow a former teammate and roommate of Christopher play in a golf tournament.  The kids and I went to the zoo for a few hours.  I did not pack the camera because this is our fourth trip to the zoo this year and I already have so many pictures but I should have because it is different every time.  The otters were hilarious and we enjoyed watching them for a long time.  We saw a little program about one of the pythons and learned quite a bit.  The black bears were out and very active and were actually fighting at one point.  Then the grizzly bear was playing in the water and eating a fish.  We we thrilled to see so many animals being active and visible.  The kids and I headed home and managed to get tubbies and crash!

Sunday morning Bill let me sleep in and he took the kids outside to play in the cul-de-sac.  Once I got up I went out and drank coffee and out neighbor came out to visit.  It is so peaceful sitting outside so early while the kids run around and play. Our church had service at the park and we sat in bag chairs, then they served a wonderful lunch.  The weather was perfect.  After eating Bill headed back to the golf tournament.  The kids and I hung around and played at the park and then walked along the creek and saw a river otter!  We followed it along the entire creek at times just following the bubbles until it resurfaced.  So fun to see an animal we had just seen at the zoo in the wild.  Again I wish I had packed my camera.  We headed to Lowe's hardware for a few supplies.  At home we played outside, the kids did some arts and crafts.  Then while I grilled out they ran up and down the fairway and rolled down the hills.  We ate in the sunroom and then enjoyed ice cream cones.  The kids played a while longer while I picked up the yard and then again bath time and to bed.  So thankful to be able to enjoy the outdoors and be active with the kids. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. We went on Mother's Day, the otters say the least ;) And one of the black bears were swimming in the water right at the lookout spot! It was super close! I love when they are active like that!