Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Will finds

We took some clothes to Good Will a few weeks ago to donate and then we found a few deals.
Sydney still loves skirts and I love skirts or pants that can go with any top. 
This jean skirt was a 6T but did not fall off her hips so we bought it for 1.75

We also found 2 pairs of 2T jeans for Griffin 1.75 each.  One pair had an adjustable waist so they will stay up and the other pair fit nicely.
Frog and rainbow pjs for Syd for 2.50- small stain on top but I think I can get it out
I plan to go back to Good Will and shop more when then kids are not with me because they were running all over and it was hard to sort through the clothes.
Sydney and I need to have another fashion show and try on all the pants from last year to see if any of them will work for this fall.
Have you found any deals lately?

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