Friday, August 12, 2011

Griffin 22 months

Wow, our little man is two months away from his second birthday!  I need to think about party plans and start making invitations.  At 22 months Griffin weighs in around 25 pounds and is on the short side (like his momma).  He is adorable!  He is talking up a storm.  He uses 3-4 word sentences and will just about repeat any word you ask him to.  He has over 150 words that he says all the time.  I have a few favorites.  I love the way he says Sydney and thunder (th sounds like an f).  He likes a show called Chugginton and says it very clearly.  Of course when he says "I love you" my heart melts.  He sings to himself sometimes and in the car to the VBS CD.  He loves music and has some serious dance moves.  He adores his big sister and copies everything she does.  If Sydney is sitting at the table doing crafts or coloring he wants to be right there with her.  He would live outside (despite the heat) if I would let him.  He had his first little haircut (trim really) in July and he still has plenty of curl.  People are always commenting on how cute his hair is and that they would love to have his natural highlights.  He has the biggest appetite and remains a wondeful eater.  He eats breakfast at home and often is given two plates at school (because they say he is so hungry).  He is constantly climbing, jumping, throwing and getting into mischief!  He is still in his crib because this is the only thing he has not climbed.  We are all so in love with him. 

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