Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IWU and Memory Lane

We were in Indiana last weekend and I took the kids to visit IWU, the university I attended for 4 years.  It was a walk down memory lane yet so much has changed since I left 9 years ago (more than 9 new buildings).

Jackson Library -I believe this was finished before I graduated but I remember studying in the old library
Burns Science Hall- I spent SO MUCH time here since I was a biology major
Shatford House is an all freshman dorm except for the resident director and resident assistants.  I actually lived here two years because my sophomore year I was the resident chaplain.  Being a Shatford sister was an honor and we had so much fun.
The Williams Prayer Chapel which was finished my last year of school and was donated to the school by Wilbur and Ardelia Williams.  I had Dr. Williams for Old Testament and he was an amazing teacher and mentor.  Professor Ardelia created all of the stain glass windows.

I have a picture of myself in front of the chapel when I graduated but I do not remember spending any time in the chapel, I am not sure if this is because it wasn't done until the end of my fourth year or if it was because I lived on the other side of campus and was busy with school and work and did not make time to stop and visit.

The IWU campus is amazing and always immaculate.  These hanging baskets are so huge and beautiful.
Inside the Student center- which was expanded right about the time I was graduating
coffee bar and fire place
new area outside the renovated Wild Cat Express
student center mall, complete with theatre, art gallery and restaurants- pizza, subs
hammick outside dorms- we had so much fun
Sydney was pretending it was a cacoon and then she hatched into a butterfly and flew around the yard
bells on outside of new Chapel Auditorium
chapel- this is new since I graduated, we used to have chapel in the Phillippe Performing Arts Center (picture below) three days a week

I lived in one of these apartments my senior year- this is where I was on 9/11 getting ready for chapel

I lived in one other dorm that I did not get a picture of this trip.  I had one stroller and the kids were taking turns walking and they were tired so we needed to end the visit.  IWU was a wonderful experience, both in terms of my education and also my emotional and spiritual growth. 
Sydney enjoyed seeing where mommy went to school for undergrad and Griffin had fun running around.

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  1. Great Post! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. This is one of the two colleges my girls attended that I felt good about leaving them at. The other one is Hope College in Holand, MI. I wish that my other two girls had attended Christian colleges. I wish....