Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Favorite

We have a new favorite book at our house.  We were introduced to this book at vaction Bible school and we love it.  The Rhyme Storybook Bible is wonderful.  The stories are short enough but still give the detail and truth.  My kids love that it rhymes.  We usually read a few stories each night and we have almost read the whole book.  The other night we read Daniel and the lions and when the story was over Sydney told me that I left part of the story out.  I explained that I read every page.  She told me that the book left out the part where the people who had accused Daniel of praying to God and not to the king were thrown in with the lions.  So we got our Bible out and read the entire story in the Bible and sure enough she remembered correctly.  Her teacher has read it to her before and she remembered!  So even though a few things are left out we love the book.  Do you have any favorites that you care to share about?

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