Wednesday, August 31, 2011

what we are reading

I just finished reading  The Help and loved it!  My friend Ellie and I went to the movie which was very good but as always the book was better than the movie.  Wow it makes me think about a lot of things.  I am young enough that I have never seen separate bathrooms and drinking fountains for blacks and whites.  I admired Skeeters character and the bravery that was displayed by all the women who told their stories.  Did you read The Help?  What did you think?
The kids and I have been reading Shel Silverstein Where the Sidewalk Ends and we have been giggling like crazy.  We are also reading some Eye Witness books from the library about Mammals and Butterflies.  What have you been reading with your kids lately?

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  1. Just finished reading "From China with Love". I had heard how parents in China leave their girls to die, but until I read this book I didn't realize the extent of the psychological damage the nation has done to it's women. The brutality of some of the methods used to dispose of these unwelcome girls. And China isn't the only country that practices infanticide of female children. So Sad!