Monday, April 2, 2012

Another zoo trip

Two weekends ago the kids and I went back to the zoo.  Bill had to work a home show so after church we got lunch and then headed to the zoo and started in Africa this time. 
We saw the elephants and the kids pretended to go on elephant safari and rode in the helicopter

they climbed on rocks
we spent a long time watching the chimps and captured some awesome moments on video (see below)
we saw the lion this time, they were hiding on our last visit
we found lemur island- which we somehow missed last trip

we checked out the flamingos
then we went in the aviary and identified all kinds of birds, plants and flowers

the flowers were so pretty

our kids were cute too
Sydney spotted this pineapple plant

Here are a few videos of the chimps- very captivating and entertaining this trip

We cannot wait to go back!

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  1. Those are such great pictures. And fun videos!