Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Notes

Today I worked in the garden.  I transplanted tomatoes and peppers that we started inside to the raised beds outside.  I also planted cucumbers, squash, cilantro and a few flowers. 

I drew myself a diagram of which variety is planted where and I wish I could show you.....well actually I can.  If you did not know now you do I am a bit OCD.

So the bed on the left has cucumbers at the far end and the three rows of tomato plants are Early Girl (bush hybrid), patio princess (hybrid) and roma (tomato cherry) from the left to the right.  The right bed has squash (saffron straightneck) at the far end, and three rows of peppers, Golden Baby Belles and Jalapeno (gigante).
 I also planted three large pots and numbered them on the bottom with permanent marker, number 1 has patio princess tomatoes, 2 has Early Girls and 3 has cucumber
I have garlic growing behind our hostas along the sun porch and I also planted some Cosmos and 1 more patio princess plant in the corner.  In the middle landscaped bed with has azaleas and a few other large bushes I am growing my dwarf top hat blueberries and I planted a few squash seeds.
Our back bed which is very shaded and full of bush type plants and a Japanese maple I planted some bachelor buttons. 
So I am going to have a lot to water but thankfully my rain barrel is full and being put to good use. 

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