Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Two Sundays ago after church and a visit to the park and a picnic we headed home to work outside. 
I put the kids in their swimsuits and moved the patio furniture to the yard.
 I gave them both rags, cups and buckets of warm soapy water. 

The kids had fun, the furniture is now clean and I was able to clean the floor in the sun room.
I actually started cleaning the sun room on Friday night after they were tucked in bed- wow what a process.  I am hoping we are almost done with all this tree pollen.
So Sunday night we had our first of many cookouts and summer meals in our sun room. 


  1. busy busy busy! I love that sunporch it is so airy and bug free!

  2. I love your sunroom too, because for some reason the bees like to nest in our patio furniture on the deck. If I only had a sunroom.....