Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Festivities

Crafts at the church- sorry the picture is so dark
door hangers

Easter egg hunt, Griffin kept opening each egg he found so he did not get very many

Sydney was trying to help him, so sweet.
the kids had an egg hunt at daycare also, so much fun
Sunday after church they wanted to hide eggs for me to find and then I hid some for them to find

dying eggs- fun to see how they turn out when you mix colors
Easter baskets- of course a John Deere tractor for Griffin
butterfly nets for both of them, hair bows for Syd, watering cans- a duck and a hippo and new Thomas underwear for our big boy
and one chocolate bunny each which Griffin helped himself to before breakfast
yummy nets- chowmein noodles, butter, marshmallow's and peanut butter filled with peanut m&m's
Griffin had already taken off his clothes for tubby and then decided on some dessert

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