Friday, April 20, 2012

Kindergarten Screening

Tuesday morning Sydney was scheduled for her kindergarten screening.  We dropped Griffin off at day care and stopped by Wilco Hess to pick out a donut as a special treat.  I wish we had a cool donut or coffee shop but we do not so the gas station was our only choice.  Sydney thought this was extra fun because I let her pick and she takes after her momma and wanted the chocolate cake donut.  On the way to the school I was asking her questions, for example what is your phone number, how high can you count.  Sydney asked me to pray for her so she would do well on her screening.  I am so glad she initiated a prayer before her "test".  When we got to the school we held hands and prayed that she would remember all the things she has learned and do well.  This brought back memories of ALL my school days and I would study so hard and then pray before a test that I would remember everything and that somehow all the knowledge in my head would be reflected on paper. 
Sydney was a bit shy at first and hesitant to go with the teacher but she went and I waited.  The kids are taken to a separate room in groups of 4-5 kids, 1 child per teacher and tested on various things- writing their name, drawing shapes, identifying pictures, sorting blocks, identifying letters.  After about an hour the teacher brought her back and said she did an excellent job.  They do not show you what your child did or give you any sort of score.  She was given a coloring book about starting school, a book of nursery rhymes and a letter book to practice.  We are getting excited and get apprehensive (mainly Bill and I).


  1. oh my gosh! is it that time for Syd already??? Congrats Sydney!

  2. Great picture, she looks so sweet and happy about starting school. I'm sure she did awesome! To trust in Jesus at five says you're doing a great job getting her started in more ways than one. I'm proud of both of you.