Wednesday, February 2, 2011

15 month update "UPDATED"

Update** Griffin weighed 22 lb 4 oz with a onsie an dry diaper so he is around the 15th Percentile for weight, he measured 30 inches so 10th percentile for height and his head is 19 inches which is 75th percentile. Saying a few more words-bye bye, night night, luv you, apple, kitty, baby- so sweet.

Griffin turned 15 months old on January 9th! Wow how quickly time passes. Griffin was scheduled for a 15 month check up but we had to reschedule it for later this month due to my office being closed during all the snow. We are so curious how much he weighs because the boy can eat, but he was 10th percentile on the growth chart at 12 months. Griffin often eats more than Sydney and eats just about everything. Griffin can still wear 12 month footie pjs and onsies but does wear some 15-18 month outfits.

Griffin is finally sleeping through the night again, thank God. Both my babies started sleeping all night around 8 weeks and Sydney continued. Griffin was so sick with all his ear infections from July until he got tubes in November that he was waking up several times at night crying and we got in the bad habit of letting him sleep with us after he had woken. In December while on Christmas break we decided to break the habit and after a few rough nights he is back to sleeping so peacefully in his own crib.

Griffin is talking more and more and also signing. These are all the words he says:
-doggie or dog
-cookie (also signs)


He is really into pull toys and walks all over the house dragging them behind him. He loves balls, especially bouncy balls. He enjoys playing in the little kitchen and also in my kitchen with pots, pans, spatulas. He stirs stuff and then takes a drink. We have just recently started watching baby Einstein and he will sit for 20 minutes or so -clapping and making all sorts of noises at the tv. His favorite place to sit, besides on the kitchen table is on the couch. Griffin loves Sydney and always wants to follow her around and play where ever she is playing. They chase each other around and she is generally very helpful and gentle. He is starting to sit longer to look at books with me, he usually plops himself on my legs and we sit on the floor. I let him turn the pages and we look at pictures and he jabbers. He likes playing with puzzle pieces but does not put them in the puzzle. Griffin still loves music and dancing! We often turn on some tunes and dance in the living room.

Griffin has always been a little snuggler. He walks over to you and holds his arms up indicating he wants to be held. When it is time to go to bed and you pick him up he puts his head down on your shoulder and wraps his little arms around you- the best feeling in the world!

Griffin loves the ladies at daycare and they feel the same way. I often hear the teachers calling him "little Sydney". Sydney and I drop him off each morning and he just takes off in his classroom playing and waves bye bye to us- no tears.

Each day is something new and he is so sweet. We are so thankful for our little Griffin Sawyer and cannot imagine our lives without him.

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  1. Meghan:

    I received 9 comments for the month of January. You made 7 of the 9. I don't get it what is so hard about commenting???? I'd really give up without you!!

    Miss you guys! It makes it easier with Daniela here to spoil, but it's still not ideal. Wish I knew when we'd see each other again.