Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Night

This is the Spa at the Grand Floridian
Val and I both got an amazing 1 hour massage and then enjoyed the sauna and hot tub. We drank hot tea and relaxed.
In hindsight we should have scheduled our massage on the last afternoon and stayed an extra day but as it was Sunday was the only relaxing evening we were able to enjoy.

Dinner at Narcoossee's! Actually this was drinks after dinner

Val being funny over her dinner

we both had surf and turf with potatoes and broccolini

Yummy! Since we rarely go out to eat I am always shocked by prices and think it is insane but food is paid by our CME money so we enjoyed! I cannot recall the last time I had lobster. We also shared a delicious brie appetizer. The restaurant was circular and all windows looking out over the water. Disney does fireworks every night at 8? It was beautiful.
The end to a long day of traveling and the beginning of an even longer week of class.


  1. Great pictures. I'm glad there was some time for fun, because you two gals surely deserve it.
    Dinner looked fabulous.

  2. YUMMM-O! Glad you had a good time!