Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day

Monday was Valentine's Day. We got up at 5:45 each day to get to the conference center each day and grab fruit, bagel and coffee before lectures started at 7. This week was INTENSE to put it lightly. A few days ended at 5:30 but some went until 6:05. We had a two hour test to complete each night on a scan tron sheet! I have not filled in those little bubbles on a scan tron in forever. So picture this Val and I riding Disney buses and the monarail reading our tests and filling in bubbles with number 2 pencils! It is true and I have pictures to prove it. Most nights as soon as we got out of class we checked in with our families and then started our test until it was time to head to our dinner reservation and then we worked on the test until the food came and then did more of the test riding back to the hotel! We would crash into bed at 11 sometimes 12 which is way later than we ever go to bed at home. We were mentally exhausted. We ate out every night except for one and we did the best to enjoy a few moments over our food.
I love food and cooking so I kept track of things- also I wanted to write everything down in the restaurant journal Bill and I keep.

Kouzzina Spreads - Harissa Yogurt, Kalamata Fig, Chickpea Hummus, eggplant spread...I cannot recall the others- very fun and yummy! Val ordered a pork dish and we shared and it was delicious!

I ordered the Pastitsio - Greek Styled Lasagna with Bucatini Pasta, Cinnamon-stewed Meat sauce and Bechamel - it was good but had a bit of sweetness to the sauce.

Since it was Valentine's and I love chocolate I ordered a molten cake!

Kouzzina is owned by Cat Cora who is on Food Network!

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