Thursday, February 24, 2011


A section of the Grand Floridian

so different from our resort, very ornate and elegant

Citrico's in one of the restaurants on the property
Val and I shared an appetizer- shrimp with feta and tomatoes and then the Braised Veal Shank - With carrot-potato puree, toasted citrus gremolada and roasted veggies- yummy! I do believe it is the first time I have ever had veal.

Val's dessert

My tiramasu

very delicious and rewarding after a long day of lectures

Bill and the kids were still doing very well. I talked to Sydney each day at least once and she was happy as a bug-being spoiled by daddy. Bill would put the phone to Griffin and he said he was mesmerized but he did not talk back to me. I missed them terribly but was so busy that I really never had a moment to be sad.

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