Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am going away for five days in February to a recertification seminar in Orlando. As a physician assistant I am required to take my boards every six years to maintain my medical license. I decided the best way to prepare prior to taking the exam is to go to a seminar where I will be in class all day every day and review all the areas that will be on the exam. The closest seminar is in Orlando so I will be traveling with my friend Val who also needs to take her boards this year and we will be staying at the Disney Contemporary resort. The conference is at the resort so it will be simple. I have not been to Disney since the year before Bill and I were married, so about 10 years ago. We will not have time for any Disney adventures except we will be free each evening. If money grew on trees the whole family would go and Bill could do Disney with the kids or we would extend the trip and have a vacation after the conference. But if you did not already know money does not grow on trees and is limited at our home and also time off work is limited so everyone else is staying home.

I am nervous to be away from the kids, although I am not nervous leaving them with Bill. Does that make sense? Bill is completely capable of caring for the kids and does a lot of the day to day care but he is not used to doing it all or being by himself with both kids for extended amounts of time. I have been away from Sydney for two nights (when we were at the hospital having Griffin) and I have never been away from Griffin for a night. I will enjoy the break from my day to day tasks and all the things that are involved in taking care of the kids-laundry, dishes, baths, packing lunches, meal prep but I will miss them. I enjoy being with them and that includes all the chores associated. So anyway it is going to be foreign to be away. Bill is a bit nervous, especially about being the one to pick them up from daycare and come home to do dinner, bath etc all by himself. Usually Bill works later and he is going to need to shorten his work day in order to be available. I am planning to do everything I can to make things easy for Bill. I am accustomed to doing the evening routine by myself and it is still a challenge. Both kids are hungry when they walk in the door and Griffin is tired and wanting to be held. It can be a bit overwhelming at times trying to get dinner on the table and then everyone fed. I will prepare some meals and also Bill's lunches before I leave. I am already planning a few things for Sydney, I have written her a note for each morning. I will be missing Valentine's Day so I have a few special things for Sydney and also Bill to make the day special. I am looking forward to the trip with my friend and also a break from the everyday routine.

Have you left your kids lately? Do you get nervous or anxious? Any suggestions?

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