Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you have a monthly grocery budget? I have never had a set budget I have just tried to buy what is necessary and not a lot of extras. The past or so we were playing the grocery game and I believe it was beneficial. It taught me to buy things that I use regularly when on sale and to stock up. I also learned to only buy non sale items when I really needed them. I have always been a planner and I make a menu for the week but I used to plan the menu according to what we felt like eating and now I plan around what I have and whats on sale. I canceled my grocery game membership the end of the year but I am looking at the ads and still using coupons. I know in my head what the best price is and even if something is on sale and I have a coupon, if it is not at the lowest price I do not buy it, unless we need it. For instance toothpaste, we have several tubes in the closet so if it is on sale 2/3 and I have no coupon I am not buying it. A few weeks ago it was on sale 2/3 and I had a coupon 75 cents off which my store doubles so it was free. I was not sure what was a good goal for a monthly budget for a family of 4 but I decided to aim for 250 dollars for the month of January. I pack Bill and I a lunch on most days unless we have a meeting were lunch is provided. I do not pack lunches for the kids because they are feed at daycare. I cook dinner every night and we eat out very seldom so I need a dinner for each night. I have been making a big batch of oatmeal for weekday breakfasts (usually I cook it the night before so it is quick in the am) and most Sundays I make pancakes or homemade waffles and I make extra for a weekday. So anyway in January we spent 320 dollars but I did not want to stick to my budget so strictly that I did not have money to stock up when there was a good sale.

Please share any input you have as to your budget or how you grocery shop and meal plan.

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