Friday, February 11, 2011

Romantic Ideas

So just in time for Valentine's Day I thought I would share a few creative, inexpensive and romantic ideas of things to do with your spouse or sweetie. These ideas are from the book Lists to Love By for Every Married Couple.

1. Dress up for a meal that you bring home from your favorite fast food restaurant. Use a tablecloth, candles and play romantic music.

2. Buy half gallon of your favorite ice cream and take it to a park and have a picnic

3. Visit a museum or art gallery. Walk around looking at art and listen to what the other person has to say

4. Go bowling together and come up with a prize for the winner such as a 15 minutes massage

5. Watch a sunset together

6. Rent your favorite movies and play a double feature at home

7. Go to your favorite restaurant for dessert

8. Go for a walk and hold hands and talk about when you first met

Bill and I won't be together on Valentine's Day due to my trip but we will celebrate another time. Enjoy your day with your loved one.

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