Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Did It

We did it! We have changed over to cloth diapers.

Aren't they cute on my boy? I looked into cloth diapers before and the ones I saw were so bulky they were horrible. I also thought to myself "I am too busy to mess with cloth diapers." With two kids I now do laundry every few days anyway so why not throw in a few diapers. I have a patient that wears g diapers and so I was able to check them out first hand. I went to the website and read everything and then I bought two pair at Babies R Us along with the throw away inserts. I love them. I talked with our daycare to make sure they were on board and they are so I went ahead and ordered 6 more paints and a total of 24 cloth inserts. The throw away inserts are more expensive so we plan to use cloth. They are great.

I just ordered a wet/dry bag from diaper junction and also two drawstring bags. I am going to send the wet/dry bag to day care and keep a drawstring bag at the changing table downstairs and one upstairs. So easy and so great for the environment. Also cheaper once you have made the investment. Griffin seems to love them!

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