Wednesday, April 7, 2010


While I was home with Syd (recovery from her surgery, hence the puffy face in this photo) we needed to get out and decided on an adventure- a pine cone hunt! The weather was cool at the time but it was so nice and sunny so I loaded her up in the stroller with a blanket and off we went.

We have a lot of pine trees in our neighborhood, this photo was taken at the entrance of our country club. Normally there are tons of pine cones but the golf course crew picks them up regularly to keep things neat.
Sydney managed to find a few.

She fell asleep on the ride home, so sweet.

My intention was to collect pine cones to make bird feeders- smear on peanut butter and roll in bird seed and hang outside but we still have our pine cones in a bag in the sun room.
I really enjoyed a few days home with my girl. Griffin went to day care each day, which allowed me to focus on Sydney. I love being a momma to two children but at times only having one is so refreshing!

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