Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

Okay, you know how this works. It is Not Me Monday Again.

I most certainly did Not feel grit on the bottom of the tub and go ahead and run bath water and put my child in for tubbie thinking oh well there is going to be more grit in a few minutes anyway. I did go back a few days later and scrub and rinse out tub. But honestly I cannot keep up with the grit in our house. Sydney brings home 1/4 cup of sand in her shoes daily and I have her take them off on the back porch but some how we still end up with grit on the kitchen floor, in the tub ectera. I also did Not skip dusting my bedroom thinking to myself no one goes in my bedroom except Bill and I anyway. Again after a few days I decided to dust my bedroom but it only gets dusted every few weeks because I just do not have the time or energy and when I see the dust it is usually early am or bed time when I am in my room and that is not a good time for dusting.

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