Sunday, April 18, 2010

Together Again

My friend Val and her son Vinny stopped by on Saturday for a visit. I recorded the cutest video of the boys but cannot upload it because I guess it is too big? Bummer. I will keep trying this video thing. Anyway we had a great visit.

Vinny, so happy

Vinny is about 1.5 inches taller and 3 pounds heavier than Griffin.

These guys were together before they were even born and a few times since they have been born. They were born 6 days apart!


  1. so cute! i can't wait for griffin and daniela to play together! vinny has the same bib you bought for danny.

  2. They are sure to be the best of buds. Looks like Griffin is setting up pretty good now. Vinny has some chubby thighs. LOL Griffin has the big eyes.