Monday, April 26, 2010


Sydney loves to cook. She absolutely loves helping me in the kitchen. Bill and I bought her a little kitchen when she was 1.5 year old. She is still playing with the kitchen. Sunday Griffin was down for a nap, Bill was in the yard and I was wanting to get a few things accomplished. Only one problem....Sydney was attached to my hip. I kept telling her to get something to play with and she just wanted to be with me. So I decided to come up with something new. I have been saving various containers, oatmeal containers, tin pans, Griffin's cereal container, egg cartons and more. I save things because one I recycle and two you never know when you may need something for a craft. Please do not worry I am not a hoarder, I do not save everything. So anyway I got a few containers, various types of dried beans, some elbow macaroni and oatmeal, some utensils and set up a station outside on the patio. Here is Sydney busy as a bee creating concoctions and having a blast. Thankfully the activity allowed a few moments for me to get something done and Sydney was very entertained.

Anything wrong with the picture below? Leave a comment if you know what it is.


  1. yeah, the pants are on backwards. i wouldn't have noticed though, ha ha.

  2. Yes Sydney was told to dress herself and I did not even realize until I was taking the picture that her pants were on backwards. So funny. I just left them that way because it sure did not seem to bother her one bit.