Sunday, April 18, 2010


what we found.

Bill found this robin's nest in a bush while working on pine needles around our house. Bill showing Sydney and explaining why we cannot touch the nest or the eggs.

The nest is right outside this living room window. I keep walking by the window and from the inside I can see the nest and eggs. It will be so fun to see the eggs hatch and watch the momma robin care for her babies.


  1. I think I might pass out from excitement if we discovered a nest full of robin's eggs! They are so so pretty!

  2. remember the ones we found outside our window at dads - maybe you were still too small. I still remember that beautiful blue color after almost 30 years!

  3. I do not remember the ones at dads, well actually now I might, were they in a tall tree by the front door- a type of pine tree?