Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sydney and Sam have been friends since they were babies. I met Sam's parents at the daycare when we all went at lunch to feed our babies. Over time we became friends with Ellie and Garret and our children are friends.

Sydney and Sam in the infant room at daycare.

These two have been many places together and have even made headlines.

They have ridden in boats together


and on tractors.

This was at a park a few weekends ago,
who knows what these two were looking for.

Actually I think it was fire ants

They graciously let Charlie tag along.

It won't be long and Griffin will be chasing right behind them.

Griffin and Charlie in the wagon

We all skipped rocks in the lake.
Sydney kept throwing little pebbles and I told her it might be easier if she had a bigger rock.
Sydney picking up a bigger rock to skip! I think that one is too big.

Hopefully Sam and Syd will remain friends for a long time

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